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The Montage

Prepare to keep up with the Joneses at this ultra luxury resort

Hotel Personality: Mover, Shaker, Money Maker


02.07.2012 / 9:45 AM


If Brooks Brothers were to open a resort, the Montage Laguna Beach would definitely fit the bill.


The lobby looked like something straight out of Elle Décor. In terms of the people that you will see at this hotel, it is a complete grab bag. First, this hotel is great for those who can afford it. Just wanted to get that out there. Second, this hotel is perfect for local groups of friends and couples, as it’s an easy escape for those who live in Los Angeles. Upon arrival I was immediately ushered into my room where check-in was completed, and the Montage experience began...


If you’ve ever wanted a personal beach retreat, you will definitely find that at the Montage. Although the room was your standard yellow color, it didn’t detract from the rest of the room as it allowed other features to take center stage. The bed is humongous - even as tall as I am, I found it quite challenging to get into it. The bathroom was a similar story, with a deep soaking tub that even felt deep to a tall guy. The best part about this resort is the scenery and for a guy that has words for everything, the only way I can describe the view is “awesome.” It was like viewing a live painting. The Montage capitalized on their spectacular views by placing “most” (I’ll explain the quotation marks later) of their rooms, restaurants and spa/gym facilities in a way that they all get a great glimpse of the Pacific shoreline.

Now one thing that you should be aware of is the room categories. They are a bit misleading (hence why I left “most” in quotation marks earlier). I originally booked an “ocean coastal” room which is described as “with spectacular views of the tidal pools and waves splashing the coves, these king or queen/queen ocean coastal guestrooms showcase the raw beauty of the Laguna coast” per the hotel website. However, when I got to my room, my view was of the construction with just a snippet of the coast. I immediately expressed my discontent and after moving 4 times, I finally settled in an Ocean Surf room. Just be advised that the views are not exactly as they are described on the hotel’s website, so be prepared to play musical chairs with your rooms if you really want that view.


Now the food, unfortunately, was less spectacular than the view and the deep soaking tub, and a little more like the standard yellow color of the rooms. I ordered room service one night and I decided to visit Asia by ordering the spicy kampachi yellowtail roll, and ended in Italy with the pasta Bolognese. Both were just “o.k.” For a 5 star resort, I actually expected some fireworks on my taste buds, and all I got was a “pop” at best.

-Bottom Line-

All right, ladies and gents, the moment you have all been waiting for. So, this hotel (in my personal opinion and my pocket’s opinion) is strictly for the “Mover Shaker, Money Maker” crowd. With rates starting around $500.00, I almost felt like I really couldn’t enjoy myself because everything was extremely expensive. I was constantly walking around and seeing imaginary price tags floating over everything, and that is no way to vacation, right? However, it is to be expected at this hotel so don’t be fooled and make sure to save a few extra dollars before coming here. Aside from the price sticker, the hotel does have a couple of things going for it such as a wine tasting class and an amazing gym with a great view. Overall, this is a very posh resort with service that rivals the Ritz-Carlton’s of the world. If you don’t mind the price tag, this resort could be a winner for you.


-Know Before You Go-

  • The Montage Laguna Beach is about 1.5 hours from LAX

  • Food is expensive at the resort, but there are plenty of options outside of the hotel 

  • The beach onsite is a public beach, the locals are great 

  • Be extra mindful of the room type you book

  • If you are an I Prefer member don’t expect an upgrade or any perks

  • Bring a camera because this place has some of the best sunsets in the world!


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