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The Lorien Hotel & Spa

You'll be forced to stay cool, calm, collected at this refreshing retreat

Hotel Personality: Cautiously Lavish


08.07.2011 / 2:18 AM


The Lorien Hotel & Spa slaps you in the face with one word and that is “calmness”. This was clearly evident due to the splattering of “spa” colors all around the hotel. There were tons of blues, creams, and calming shades of grey, it almost felt like I checked into some quaint hotel on the Irish coast.

The Lorien Hotel & Spa

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You could just tell that people around the hotel just were in “chill mode”. The other thing I liked about this hotel was that the crowd was diverse (e.g. young, old, single, etc…) not stuffy or snooty at all.

Rooms & Food:

When booking, I was torn between the Lorien Suite with or without a balcony. In the end, I decided to save some cash and forgo the balcony :-( . But all wasn’t lost, the entire room was extremely spacious and the spa cloud follows you right into the room. I almost would have appreciated a different color just to switch it up a bit. The room was perfect for entertaining; in fact I invited a couple of friends over as there was plenty of calmness to share. Since I had plenty of work to do during my stay, the large desk with in-room computer came in handy cause you could check the weather, the in-room dining menu, e-mail, which made the space very functional. The only bad part about the functionality of the room was the poor lighting. The hotel decided to use florescent lights that were too hard on the eyes.

The bathroom is a very “communal” part of the room. The space itself is very with a deep clawfoot bathtub and rainforest shower, so its perfect for a couples or friends who are very friendly lol. One thing that I found a bit odd was that the toilet was right by the sliding door. You maybe saying “ok, so what?”. Well, the “frosted” sliding bathroom door closes BUT if you walking away from the bedroom you can catch a glimpse of someone handling their business. Just a friendly FYI. The bedroom was pretty standard, but the item that did standout was the pillow menu (check out the photos). Yes, a pillow menu. The Lorien Hotel has various complementary pillows and scents to help with things such as: snoring, blood circulation, and stress. Keep in mind, the hotel only has a limited number of each type of pillow, so some may not be available.

The food at the Lorien Hotel was pretty good. I decided to check out the in-room dining. I ordered the lamb nicoise salad from the hotel’s signature restaurant Brabo, which was extremely tasty. What could be better than a sheep salad? I also had a glass of wine, which was complementary, as the Lorien Hotel has free wine presentation every evening in the lobby library.

The Bottom Line:

With rates starting around $170 per night, and for what this hotel provides this is a steal. It is good for all hotel personalities. I must warn you that the place where the Lorien Hotel hit me hard was the in-room dining. I spent $40.85 (which included delivery charges), which I thought was a bit steep. Yes, the salad was awesome but 40 bucks…really? The good thing is that the Lorien Hotel is located on King St, which is the main drag in Alexandria, so there are several dining alternatives just outside your door. This hotel is great for people who are coming to the area to visit D.C. Since the Metro is within walking distance from the hotel it’s rather easy to get into D.C. and back to the Lorien. This hotel is also perfect for Washingtonians, as it makes a perfect quasi “staycation”. Also, if you are visiting the Lorien Hotel sign up for Kimpton Hotel’s InTouch loyalty program. It’s free and unlike other programs. When I checked in I was given a $10 mini bar credit, all for just being a member.

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So, I am a fan of “staycations”. What is your favorite place to go for a “staycation”, let me know down below!

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